Welcome to Mancini’s


In Italy, some of the finest steakhouses in the world exist. Carefully raised and aged beef is grilled on huge open-hearth charcoal pits.


Mancini's has used this same tradition for steaks and lobsters, hand-picked at the wholesalers and broiled to perfection on Mancini's big, open charcoal broilers. Mancini's Char House, a family-run business since 1968, prides itself in great food and service with a personal touch.


A growing tradition of fine food, Mancini's thanks you, the customer, for your patronage.


Our Family


Our father Nick, opened Mancini's back in 1948 when St. Paul's Italian neighborhood was still thriving only blocks away, along the Upper Levee. Walking through the neighborhood, you could smell Italian bread baking in the big outdoor ovens. In the summer, you could see tomatoes and peppers growing in family gardens.


Every Sunday after church, the family got together for a big pasta dinner. With so many grandparents, aunts and uncles and kids in the house, it was never a quiet meal. Afterwards, the men would go outside to play bocce, talk and drink their homemade wine.


Dinners include marinated tomatoes, pickels and peppers dish, house salad with choice of dressing, vegetable medley or baked potato, bread basket or garlic toast. Add French fries $2.00


Banquet & Event Rooms


Private rooms are available for 30 or more, depending on space availability. Prices will include party set-up featuring relish tray with Italian cherry peppers and pickles marinated with special oil and vinegar. Salad, choice of two dressings, baked potato, bread or garlic toast. Choice of coffee, tea or milk. Cake is also served after dinner.

Private rooms require a $200.00 deposit.

Minimum 30 people per private room.

Private Room Charge Included.

Prices subject to change with out notice.

Prices do not include MN Sales
Tax or Gratuity.

Live music every

Thursday thru Saturday!


Live Music – Mancini’s Bar


The music never ends at Mancini's. Live music Wednesday thru Saturday along with Karokee and other musical events. Come dance the night away and enjoy your favorite tunes from the 40's to the current top hit list!

Join us at the Fair, August 23 - Labor Day September 3, 2018

Hours & Location


Sunday thru Thursday

4:30pm to 10:00pm


Friday and Saturday

4:30pm to 11:00pm


531 West Seventh Street

St. Paul, MN 55102


For Reservations:

651 224-7345 or 651 224-7346

  • Banquet and Event Menu


    • Char broiled 8 oz. sirloin $25.00

    • Char broiled 12 oz. sirloin $28.00

    • Char broiled 8 oz. filet $29.00

    • Char broiled 8 oz. kabob $28.00

    (Char broiled tender tips, tomatoes, green peppers)


    Poultry & Seafood

    • Char broiled ten oz. chicken breast $24.00

    • Broiled Walleye $27.00

    • Lobster

    • Vegetarian


    Price includes:

    • Party set-up

    • Relish tray

    • Salad

    • Baked potato

    • Bread or garlic toast

    • Choice of coffee, tea or milk

    • Cake

© Mancini's Char House and Lounge  |  West Seventh Street, St. Paul, MN | 651 224-7345

A St. Paul tradition

since 1948


Honoring St. Paul athletes

  • Special Award


    The Mancini Special Award was founded to honor athletes and builders of youth. These honorees are community focused and have been leaders in coaching, teaching or just helping in St. Paul youth athletics.


    2018 Joel Montpetit

            Jim Rogers

    2017 Frank White

    2016 Jim Kelley

    2015 Bob Klepperich

    2014 Bob Tschida

    2013 Larry McMahon

    2013 Jim Wells

    2012 Harold (Snuf) Kurvers*

    2011 John Tschida

    2010 Ted Steichen Jr.

    2009 Charley Walters

            Rich Kallok

    2008 Bob Carley*

            Harvey Davis

            Bill Lynch

    2007 Snap Leitner

    2006 Bob Graiziger Sr.*

            Mike Ruddy*

    2005 Bob McElroy*

    2004 Nick Mancini*

            John Hajlo*

    2003 Bob Ryan*

            Roger Conway*

            George Sweeney*

    2002 Jim O'Hara*

    2001 Jack Berres*

            Clair Galdonik*

            Red Roberts*

    2000 The Montpetit Family*

            Bob Ridder*

    1999 Len Salstrom*

            Frank Zucco*

    1998 Reno Rossini*

            Joe Sturdivant*

    1997 Dick Jonckowski

    1996 Jim Hegerle*

    1995 Karl Kassulke*

    1994 Jim Pascholl

            Joe Meyer*

    1993 Lloyd Kasel*

    1992 Fred Macalus

    1990 Walter Wescott

    1989 Tom Blaha*

    1988 Larry Rosenthal*

    1987 Frank Barrett*

    1986 Al Baisi*

    1985 John Mariucci*


  • Hockey


    2018 Jack Dale

    2017 Kevin Hartzell

    2016 Mike Foley

    2015 Bill Weller

    2014 Jeff Sauer*

    2013 Moose Younghans

    2012 Dave Langevin

    2011 Tom St. Martin*

    2010 Terry Skrypek

    2009 Doug Woog

    2008 Tom Younghans

    2007 Paul Johnson

    2006 Warren Strelow*

    2005 Phil Housley

    2004 Herb Brooks*

    2003 Tom Vannelli

            Greg Vannelli

    2002 Mike Haedrich

    2001 Pat McKusky

    2000 Rod Magnuson*

    1999 Bob Schmidt

    1998 Kyle Peterson*

    1997 Dick Haigh

    1996 Dave Peterson

    1995 Harold Younghans

    1994 Donald Willer

    1993 Arnold Bauer

    1992 Ted Joyce*

    1991 Bob Paradise

            Dick Paradise*

    1990 Lou Cotroneo

    1989 Ron Vannelli*

    1988 Jack McCartan

    1987 Ken Yackel*

    1986 George Karn*

    1985 Bob Dill*

  • Boxing


    2018 Mike Monette

    2017 George Anderson

    2016 Mark Nelson

    2015 Cal Cox

    2014 Brian Brunette

    2013 Marco Morelli

    2012 Paul Dotty

    2011 Phil (Skip) Skarda

    2010 Nick Castillo

    2009 Mike Evgen

    2008 Gary Struss

    2007 Dale Jackson

    2006 Joe Abbott

    2005 Jim Beattie

    2004 Del Bravo

    2003 Gary Holmgren

    2002 Tom Campion

    2001 Chuck Mitch

    2000 Dick Zasada

    1999 Jay Pelzer

    1998 Frank Cobb*

    1997 Bob Campion*

    1996 John Matthews

    1995 Dick Delaney*

    1994 Manuel Melendez

    1993 Gene Rock White*

    1992 Dennis Nelson

    1991 Don Weller

    1990 Bill Schmidt*

    1989 Joe Azzone*

    1988 Joe Stepka*

    1987 Emmett Yanez

    1986 Jim O'Hara*

    1985 Jack Gibbons*


  • Football


    2018 Tom Barnes

    2017 Matt Birk

    2016 Jerry Foley

    2015 Kevin Berg

    2014 Barry Persby

    2014 Stacy Robinson*

    2013 Ed Hitchcock

    2012 Jim Carter

    2011 Tim McManus

    2010 Jerry Trooien

    2009 Ray Hitchcock

    2008 Dick Strutz

    2007 Terry Cummings

    2006 Gary Ales

    2005 Buster Brown*

            Gerry Brown

    2004 Bob Slater

    2003 Bill Walsh

    2002 Norb Robertson*

            Mike Robertson

    2001 Bill Follmer*

    2000 Hon. Allen Markert

    1999 Bruce Van de Walker

    1998 Earl Gray

    1997 Tom Cross

    1996 Mal Scanlon

    1995 Jerry Kafka*

    1994 Jim Wirth*

    1993 John McManus*

    1992 Ken Mauer

    1991 Wes Barrette*

    1990 Bob Vogel*

    1989 Bert Sandberg*

    1988 Joe Cascalenda

    1987 Hon. Smitty Eggleston*

    1986 Jack Salscheider*

    1985 Don Simensen*

  • Basketball


    2018 Steve Karel

    2017 John "Lew" Morin

    2016 Steve Fritz

    2015 John Tauer

    2014 Ken Mauer Jr.

    2013 Tom Perrault

    2012 Dan Brink

    2011 Gerald Keenan

    2010 Jack Tamble

    2009 Jim Conway

    2008 Terry Flynn

    2007 John Hislop*

    2006 Jake Mauer

    2005 Bill McKee*

    2004 Lloyd Sandstrom

    2003 Jim Fritsche

    2002 Terry McMahon

    2001 Ron Causton

    2000 Jerry O'Connor*

    1999 Dennis Fitzpatrick

    1998 Al Unise*

    1997 Jay Salmen

    1996 Joe Hutton Jr.

    1995 Tom Feely*

  • Baseball


    2018 Jack Hannahan

            Buzz Hannahan

    2017 Tom Quinlan

            Rob Quinlan

    2016 Jim Wiesner*

    2015 Rich Allen

    2014 Tim Tschida

    2013 Jack Palmer

    2012 Ernest (Bucky) Kendig

    2011 Mike Campion

    2010 Tim Kiemel Sr.

    2009 Jack Morris

    2008 Jim Hare

    2007 Jim O'Neil

    2006 Larry Ogden*

    2005 Paul Molitor

    2004 Steve Winfield

    2003 Jim McNeely

    2002 Dennis Denning

    2001 Jim Rantz

    2000 Hon. John Finley*

    1999 Bill Peterso

    1998 Bill Hafner

    1997 Pat McCarthy*

    1996 Ron Marston

    1995 Tom Mee*

    1994 Howie Schultz*

    1993 Robert Wasko

    1992 Ken Staples*

    1991 Alex Romanchuck

    1990 Jerry Schaber

    1989 Red Fischer*

    1988 Dick Kaess*

    1987 John Mauer*

    1986 Louis Cardinal*

    1985 Angelo Giuliani*

Mancini’s Sports Hall of Fame


Our Hall of Fame is held with the purpose of honoring St. Paul athletes. These athletes started in the sand lots of St. Paul in the sports so named. All inductees will share their names on a plaque that will hang at Mancini's. Every year, five named athletes will be inducted into this hall of fame and honored at a grand banquet.


North side of Carnes Ave. between Nelson & Underwood streets

Mancini’s al Fresco


Mancini's is proud to be part of the Great Minnesota get together.


Mancini's has taken elements from the restaurant to the Minnesota State Fair location on Carnes Ave. You can come enjoy music, beer, wine and of course good food!

Neighbor’s of Mancini’s


Packed with culture and arts and music and entertainment, Saint Paul has history, architecture, dance, sports events, theater and family fun. Here is only a small sample of what Mancini’s Saint Paul friends have to offer:

Each steak is hand-picked at the wholesalers and flawlessly broiled on Mancini’s large open charcoal broilers.



Some of the finest steakhouses in the world are located in Italy. Carefully raised and aged to perfection, the beef is grilled on huge open-hearth charcoal pits.


Inspired by this old world tradition, Mancini's Char House has used this same technique for steaks and lobsters for more than half a century. Each is hand-picked at the wholesalers and flawlessly broiled on Mancini's large open charcoal broilers.

  • Beverages

    Killebrew Root Beer $3.00


    San Pellegrino Sparkling Water $4.00


    San Pellegrino Limonata or Aranciata $3.00


    Acqua Panna Still Water $4.00


    Lemonade, Cranberry or Orange Juice $2.50


    Coffee or Tea $3.00


    Milk $2.00

  • Dessert

    Flute Limoncello

    Refreshing lemon gelato decorated with a limoncello swirl, presented in an elegant champagne glass. $6.50


    Cannoli $3.75


    Spumoni Ice Cream $5.50


    Cheesecake with Caramel, Chocolate,

    or Rasperry Sauce $5.85


    Vanilla Ice Cream $4.50

  • Side Dishes

    Antipasti Salad $7.95


    Dinner Salad $2.95


    Herring & Crackers $5.50


    Baked Potato $1.95


    Vegetable Madley $2.50


    Shrimp Cocktail $12.95


    Sauteed Mushrooms $3.00

  • Steak & Chicken

    New York Strip

    Our signature steak center-cut aged strip steak. $34.25


    Sirloin Steak

    Center- cut aged and trimmed the way sirloin is meant to be. $27.75


    Petite Sirloin Steak

    The same cut as above, just smaller. $24.95



    Center-cut tenderloin. $35.00


    Petite Filet

    The same cut as above, just smaller. $28.95


    Beef Kabob

    Skewered tenderloin tips, tomatoes and green peppers. $28.25


    Grilled Chicken Breast

    Fresh, all natural, free- range broiled chicken, served with a side of marinara sauce. $20.50


    Prices subject to change with out notice.

  • Steak & Seafood

    Lobster Tail Dinner

    Coldwater lobster tail pulled out of the shell, charbroiled on our grill and served with butter (per tail). $33.95


    Dinner Combinations

    We're famous for our steak and lobster, so why not combine them to make the perfect dinner pair.

    Petite sirloin and lobster tail. $53.90

    Petite filet and lobster tail. $57.00


    Walleye Dinner

    Broiled with a splash of olive oil, almonds, and a light seasoning. Batter deep-fried upon request. $25.95


    Prices subject to change with out notice.

A St. Paul tradition since 1948 | 651 224-7345



Hours & Location


Sunday thru Thursday     Friday and Saturday

4:30pm to 10:00pm         4:30pm to 11:00pm


531 West Seventh Street

St. Paul, MN 55102


For Reservations:

651 224-7345 or 651 224-7346